Sunday, January 1, 2012

Culinary Curiosities

So my new obsession is cooking meats that I'm not really familiar with.
I've had a traumatic experience once with Salmon (cooked it and it was stinky and too fishy), but recently at work I've been able to cook it for samples, and you know what?  It's really good!  I was totally surprised, and just yesterday I bought some for dinner, so that's one down, and a million other things to go.
Duck, and Rabbit, and Lamb are also curiosities to me.  I've had them once, maybe twice, but I've never had the chance to cook them at home. 
Lamb is one of those meats that I've heard a lot about but personally haven't had it enough to really form an opinion about it. Smelling it raw is...well you have to be ready for it.  It's a bit stinky I've been looking for a recipe and now that I have several, I have to get brave enough to actually buy it and cook it.  It doesn't help either that it's expensive, but hey, I work at a grocery store, I know how to get a deal.
Now with Duck, I've only had it from an Asian bakery, and it was VERY fatty and had a lot of bones.  I know I can do better than that.  I've seen duck breast and it looks amazing, so I'm a little scared but I know that I can find a good recipe.
Rabbit.  Oh Rabbit!  I had it at a very nice Italian restaurant and it was an epiphany.  It tasted so strange and delicious at the same time that my "taste" from my husband's plate became his whole serving of the rabbit (he had a variety of meats, I'm not starving the poor man).  The meat itself was dark, like a chicken thigh, but far more flavorful.  It was kind of minty and moist, and almost exotic, at least for me.  I've even found a website where I can buy the meat.  And not just rabbit either, but other meats as well.

so hopefully I will be writing another blog about the Salmon, and Lamb and Rabbit and Duck that I've cooked.

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