Monday, January 2, 2012

The Perfect Bite

Ode to The Perfect Bite

Oh Perfect Bite!
How you elude me every breakfast lunch and dinner!
My fork yearns to spear tender meat and vegetables
Piled harmoniously upon the tines,
homing in on it's final destination
My mouth recieves this greatest gift and I rejoice!
Satiated, Exultant!
Oh Perfect Bite, you've found me once again!

Yes, I just wrote an Ode to food piled on my fork.  This is serious business.
In the movie A Mirror Has Two Faces, with Barbara Streisand, her character describes The Perfect Bite. 
This was like a light bulb turning on over my head, or inside my mouth, rather. 
She takes a small piece of steak, then a roasted carrot, a little mashed potato, and then a tiny dip in gravy, and voila!  The Perfect Bite! 
Eating should be more than shoveling food into your gullet.  You should take your time, and savor the flavor, people!  Food should look as good as it tastes.  When getting ready to make dinner I always think of the colors that I'm getting together.  I love a chicken wing glazed and dark with sauce or bright orange with spices.  I love the red and green of bell peppers, and the bright whiteness of steamed rice.  All together it's a melody of deliciousness.  And it makes The Perfect Bite ever more enjoyable. 
Next time you get ready to make dinner, just think of how all the things you're making will taste together, and know that you're the conductor of a symphony of flavors all getting ready to play a beautiful song on your tongue! 
Mmmmm, I'm starving!

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