Monday, September 26, 2011

Indian food at home...Don't be scared!

I love a nice burger and fries, but every now and then my taste buds need a kick in the pants.

And Indian food does the trick!  My husband and I fell in love a few years ago with Indian food. 
I remember the first time we went to eat at our favorite restaurant, Star.  We ordered Tandoori chicken, Aloo Gobi, Shahi Paneer, and rice, and naan.  Oh my god that sounds like an assload of food.  And it IS!  LOL, but when you go, you can't help it.  Anyway, we ordered all this food, because it was new and we wanted to try out different dishes.  WELL-that was it.  we were hooked.  It was the best lunch of our lives.  It was funny though because we didn't finish all of the saucy gravy that the shahi paneer is in, and the owners asked us if we liked it, and we felt bad for accidentally insulting them.  It was just such a flavor explosion that our poor little inexperienced taste buds couldn't handle all that flavor.  But now, we wipe the bowl clean with our naan. 

So I went to YouTube, and I found the sweetest man called TheVahChef who makes indian food look so easy to make.  he never uses measuring utensils, and he giggles and shakes for his food when he's tasting it, it's hilarious. 
So I learned from him how to make Aloo Gobi.  It's a really easy dish to make with Potatoes and Cauliflower.  The spices are not too intimidating and most grocery stores accommodate Indian spices, so the ingredients are easy to access.  .  
When  I made my Indian dinner the other night I bought a packet seasonging for Tandoori Chicken, and roasted chicken leg quarters in the oven tossed in the seasoning with some sliced bell pepper and onion.  After an hour, it was nice and happy and ready to go with some steamed rice, Aloo Gobi, and a flour tortilla, that I was fantasizing as Naan.  
If you've never tasted Indian food, there are so many places now that have lunch buffets, and are VERY affordable.  My husband and I are lucky to have found such a place that feels like you're inside someone's home, and they're feeding you like an honored guest. 
Check out the VahChef on youtube. 
My next Indian dinner/lunch will be country chicken with chana dal curry.  mmmmmmmhmmmm!  can't wait!

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