Friday, September 16, 2011

Fire, My Seductive Cooking Compadre

Anything cooked with fire is just guaranteed to taste better.
Seriously though.  The first person who cooked food over fire must've FREAKED!  And on that subject, I wonder what the first thing cooked on fire was????  Was it a rabbit, cooked slowly over a flame until juicy, and just a little charred?  Maybe it was a wild mushroom, with it's meaty flavor and soft texture.  Thank you, first guy who made a spark and started a fire!  Where would we be without you?  Eating raw carrots and tomatoes?  I don't think so!

So I bought some red bell peppers last night for 25 cents each!!!!!  I know, I know, it's the cheapest they've ever been, so I bought 10 of them. 
Knowing that I was going to be BBQing burgers, I busted out 3 of those bell peppers, and threw 'em on the flame.  Now those red beauties are sitting in a jar in my fridge, just begging to be added to some eggs, or pasta, or ANYTHING!  I've been wanting to roast bell peppers for sooooo long, I feel so good. 
Goal achieved, I get a gold star! 
So I did my burgers, and WOW.  There's nothing like charred ground meat, formed into a patty, and covered with glorious cheddar cheese.  And then I toast my buns to golden brown perfection.  Oh, the toasted buns with sesame seed goodness!  Who was the person who did THAT first?  "Let me roll this raw dough in some seeds.  I wonder what that will be like?"  Genius I tell you. 

After dinner, I thought that I was done.  My mom is brilliant though, so she suggested I roast some tomatoes as well, and when I went through the crisper, I have an onion and jalapeno too.  So you know what that means?  Fire roasted salsa!!! Arriibbaaa!!  Ay! Ay! Ay!
I still need to blend it up, so I hope it's good.

Fire, my seductive cooking compadre, thank you for being there for me and mankind when we need a hot meal with lots of primal flavor.

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