Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Curry Love...A Lunch time love affair

"Curry, oh Curry, how I love thee Curry!"
I'm being a little dramatic, but it's true. I love me some curry.  What kind of Curry, might you ask?  I love them all, I do not descriminate!  Indian Chicken Curry, is heavenly.  Thai Red or Green Curry is so exoticly sexy, you'll break into a sweat, and the Asian brick Curry that you can find in the Asian section of your grocery store is so wonderfully aromatic and tasty that you wont want to stop eating it!

I had my son Rocky in January, and sadly had to get off the curry train I'd been riding my whole pregnancy. After having my son I noticed that he didn't really appreciate my flair for the exotic, so I had to go cold turkey.  Eating a bland diet isn't really my idea of fun, but slowly, I was able to add spice back into my diet.  Now that he's almost 3 months he's been letting me get away with more and more spice, and I must say that I am so grateful! My taste-buds were going through withdrawals! 

Today for lunch I'm making an easy Asian curry for lunch. The brand S&B makes an awesome brick of curry that you simmer with vegetables and your choice of protein and a little water.
Super easy! 
My husband and I are dabbling in vegetarianism, so I've asked him to bring home some Tofu. Today will be a first for the both of us. We've never had tofu before. I confess that I'm both excited and nervous.
I saw on an Asian travel/cooking show the host fried his tofu and then added it to his stir-fry. I think that's what I'll do. It looked great when he did it.
Wish me luck!
Okay, so I made my S&B Hot Curry with Veggies and Tofu, and it was awesome!
I used sliced carrot, sweet yellow onion, and sliced mini bell peppers for my vegetables, and a little bit of chopped cilantro for garnish.  I deep fried my tofu separately and then added it to the pan when everything was done.  
I must say....Tofu is an acquired taste.  By deep frying it, there was an element of texture to the outside of the tofu chunk that I liked  a lot.  When I bit into it, it was a bit bland, with a hint of nuttiness.  When mixed with the curry, it simply blended into the flavors around it.  I didn't dislike the Tofu, it was just a new taste experience.
S&B doesn't disappoint when it comes to their user-friendly Curry.  It comes in a brick that you break up and throw into your pan of vegetables with a little water.  Stir to melt the brick and let it thicken, and OMG! 
The best lunch ever! 
There's also a Thai Red Curry paste that Taste Of Thai makes.  That one's a little harder to find, but it's out there in the grocery stores.  For the ToT curry paste, all you need is a can of Coconut Milk, a little lime or lemon juice and fish sauce, or a big pinch of salt if you dont have the fish sauce.  Simmer your milk and then add a knob of your paste, and other ingredients and stir to combine it.  Then pour into your pan of veggies-I like to use the same veggies for all my curries.  If you can find rice noodles, use them, they are amazing with the Thai curry.  Make your coconut sauce a little thin with water, and it'll be soupier for your noodles.  And if your grocery store doesn't have rice noodles, good old steamed rice is great as well.
So that was my rant on Curry.  I love it, and if it had a pulse, I'm sure it would love me back. 

If you're in the mood for something exotic but don't want to trudge out to your fave Asian or Indian restaurant, try the brands I like to use, and you'll wonder why you ever went to a restaurant in the first place.  

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  1. So detailed, felt like I was in the kitchen cooking! Sounds like it came out good! Look foward to reading and possibly trying your reciepes